Smart Travel

Travaris is an AI-powered mobile app built to help travelers all around the world get the best tailor-made travel experience.

Freedom to Experience

The new generation of travelers is a purpose-driven one, from their career paths to the way they plan their life choices, they no longer work, eat, or study according to what is considered normal.

This is why we see a big trend in freelancing, remote work tendencies and nomads, a generation changing the rules of everything around it is shifting away from the mass travel.


Tailor-Made Trips

Personal Itineraries

New Experiences

The Problem We Are Solving

We are helping travelers around the world to eliminate all travel-related logistics and hassles, from the planning process to the management of any last-minute unfortunate event. So they can have a stress-free enjoyable journey.

From Community
To the Community

Being enthusiastic travelers & world explorers ourselves, we are determined to revolutionize the way we travel through our cutting edge technology & the travel community collaboration.



Our Values

We are on a mission to help people travel the world and connect more with each other. No matter where your journey will take you, Travaris will be there to guide you!

Our Team

Youssef Said

Youssef Said

Co-Founder & CEO

+10 years of business development & IT project management experience.

Berkay Alkışel

Berkay Alkışel

Co-Founder & CPO

+8 years of professional product designs UX & gamification expertise

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